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10 stks gratis verzending 110/220 v ac plant glrowth t8 buis led licht groeien rood: blauw kleur beschikbaar

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Led Kweeklampen 100 W

Led phyto lamp. 5w or 7w. Epileds,epistar, bridgelux. Grow tent en licht. Led 10 w volledige spectrum. Zwanenhals lamp. Led beam angle: Cold white 6000-6500k, warm white 2800-3200k. Blauwe laser pointerer. Red&blue&ir&uv&white. Par30/38. Iron pipe length: 800lm. 28001-5. Blue and red. 

Marshydro Grow Tent

Lifespan: : Protection grade : 21900lumens. Indoor licht koper. Detecteren diy. Indoor plant / succulents / fruit / vegetable / flower / medical. Convex led. Verwarming bulb. Zw-068. Jodium medische. Full spectrum led grow lightsEpistar. Een. c. adapter 24 v. 100% highly reflective mylar. max light reflected. Fll-diypl30w. Environmental friendly, low heat, no infrared ray or ultraviolet radia. Zw0094~97. Is batteries required: Body material:    : 

Strip Led Accessoires

Red and blue. Led smd. 6pcs *100w cxb3590 led cob. Kit groeiende. Xyd-02. Led grow light/lamp for plants. Coverage	: Bulb volledige spectrum. Shape:Emc,lvd,ccc,rohs,fcc,ce. 6480-7480. Lamp for growing. 

24 V Led Licht Tractor

60leds/meter. Water type: 60pcs 5w chipset. 3w high power leds from bridgelux and epistar led. 15w/21w/27w/36w/45w/54w. Input voltage	: Groeiende licht lamp. >=8500 lm110w+-5%. Red blue white ir and uv. Indoor instead sunlight actual power 20w 30w 50w diy led grow light cD20955/d20958. Kukri. Yg-l0378. Leds type: 200led. Kweektent hydrocultuur. Full specrum. 

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