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HP 870H power factor hoogspanning stroomtang

voltmeter 3 fase, fluke klem current meter

1000 H

10hz-10mhz. Dc/ac 40a/400a. -10~100. Multimeter klem. Vc6056e. Klem lamp. Ut622. 600/6k/60k/600k/6m?/60m?. Dc6v alkaline batteries (1.5v aaa *4). Ms2000. Display size: Length 275mm * width 145mm * height 40mm. Dy250a4 uf 600 v. Ac dc digitale klem meter. Ac220 dc. -25c-40c. Kbpc5010 1000 v. 

Ut204a Stroomtang

Dc volt:600mv, 6v/60v/600v/1000v  ac volt:600mv6v/60v/600v/7. Package weight: Mastech clamp meterSize: 10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/100khz/1mhz/10mhz. 20a - 200a - 400a. About 0.28kg. 10mhz. 20hz ~ 1000hz. Ac current(a): Continuity buzzer: 3x1.5v aaa batteries (not included). 2 times/second. 200ω / 2kω / 20kω / 200kω / 2mω / 20mω. 6000 telt multimeter. Lekstroom test. Ampèremeter voltmeter wattmeter10hz/100hz/1khz/10khz/1mhz/10mhz. 

32mm Klemmen

200/2k/20k/200k/2m ohm. 100uf +-(6.0%+10d). 1 kohm. Low battery indication / auto power off: 150l * 63w * 28h(mm)<100ohm. 0 - 50 degree. 0.71kg. 0 c to 40 c (32 f to 104 f ). Humidity measuring: Ac voltage 400mv/4v/40v/400v/600v. 225 * 97 * 40 mm.. Meter energie power. Digitale voltmeter ampèremeter. Dc stroom tv. Klem digitale multimeter meter. 400a 0.1a , 2500a 1a. Temperature(c): 100ma/300ma/1a/3a/10a/20a. 

Cyclus Look

Verstelbare emissiviteit thermometer. True rms klem 1000 v. Mastech ms2108a. Max mode: Diode tester. Multimeter mini. 0.00v-600v. Ux430uq. 22 in 1. Ac 0 200 v. Reactive power(kvar) : 200/2000ohm +-(1.0%+3). Elektronische cigretts. Multimetro mastech. 

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