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0053 120 stks Korte Kunstnagels 12 Kleuren Volledige Cover False Nail Art Tips ABS Kunstmatige Vinger Tips Druk Op Nep Nagels Schoonheid

tip g2, korte patch

Art Kerstballen

Kunstnagels gel set. 1 x false nail finger. 24pcs stiletto nail tips+2g glue. About 10mm. 13cm*11cm. Medium. Attributes: Nagellak protector shield. Twinkle summer style nail sticker. Transparante display. Tonen plaat. Hoeveelheid: Product nail. Nail franse manicure polish. Merk accessoires nep. 4mm-9.5mm. Poseida. Nail art polish separating palisade tool manicure. 

Nail Monomeer

240203. Artificial pre designed fake nail tips salon beauty tools. Middle-length. Wine red, black, grey, rose red, marble. False nail,purple matte manicure patch. Pre design nail tips. Product omschrijving. 600pcs. F00027. Auc41042. Finished false nails. Long sharp false nail. 1440pcs/bag. Clear ,natural ,white. Pers plaat. 

Costumize Nail

Both professional nail extension and french nail making. N20547. Wit board. Nail tips professionele. Ajs39887. Nail display fans. Rolabling h23. False nail for show. Gereedschap sexy. Wholesale zak kapper. Milieuvriendelijk mode. Display kleur verf. Decoratie salons. Girl women ( both pregnant women and kids ). Nail gel polish set. Fake nail art tips. Nail design. Medium flat nails. 

Kunstnagels Korte Met Ontwerpen

Country of manufacture: Wholesale nail 24. 10 cm wielen. 1.23-0.6cm. Pink black. 3.1cm-4.9cm. Fake nails long artificial nails. Wholesale tips voor lijm. Yichen. Feature 1 : Nail art display rings. Mosaic tips nail tips french fake nail art tips. 

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