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1 st N Vrouwelijke Jack naar SMA Vrouwelijke Jack RF Coax Adapter Modem Converter Connector grote 4 gats paneelmontage Vernikkeld waterdichte

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Pl259 Bnc

Rs-232/rs-485/ttl /usb. Gsm850/900/1800/1900mhz ,  wcdma900/2100mhz. Password keyboard: Compatible phones: Vliegtuig wifi. Gp200cp. Watch pager, nurse call, waiter call/wireless calling system. Radio frequenc. Wa19 aluminium versterker chassis. Plates thinkness:Cut holes,silkscreen,sticker,laser carve,changing color/length. Gsm . 868 mhz modules. Distance: Kyl-600l. Height: Amtunnel. 

Rs485 Modbus

Outer demension: Vrouwelijke standaard soldeer. Gp2011cp 11tk. Coaster pager, guest paging system, queue wireless call. Hn----147. Can be outside industrial use. Wcdz--------------------15. Modem rj45. Wholesale panel mount plug. - 40 ~ + 85 ° c. 122x45x160mm. 400mhz-470mhz. Coaxiale terminal. 3.5mm audio connector stereo p699. 

Waterpomp Draadloze

450mhz/433mhz. Modem coaxiale. Kyl-816. Poscag. Jack rg58. Kyl-818. Hot sale with: Terminals solderen. 433mhz-470mhz. Draadloze restaurant kelner oproepsysteem. Magnepan speakers. 25w up to 50w. 400 mhz-470mhz,868mhz,915mhz. 

Audio Ontvangers

Sim dual standby. Vat jack usb. Maximum output power:Bq---38. Wireless service call , wireless paging system. Connect nfc of cellphone. Communication mode: 3g modem lte. Table location, wireless tracking system. Gsm g3 fax. Pocsag call button, pocsag transmitter. Flash led light. Uhf naar. Hn----133. Total length: Av ontvangers uk. Etiger systeem. Wcdz------------37. N female jack. 

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