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(16 stuks/partij) Beam Led Moving Head Beam 60 W Led fast moving DMX 11 Kanalen Podiumverlichting DJ verlichting

licht 90 graden, ellipsoidal lamp

Lamp Service

110-120v/220-240v. Laser dubbele. Plug and play. Lichten teken36x24x26 cm. Board prototyping. Led laser sneeuw projector. Pen tafel. Wholesale led 24 v. Aluminum case black or whiteCommercial lighting. 

Lichten Tv Studio

4/12 channels. 240x160x150mm. Led light power: Ul,ce,fcc,ccc. Beam led eye. 5-40°. Laser effect. Pan / tilt: Width: 14 channels. Mass effect. 

Board Laser Engravering

Klem wiel. Long life working hours: 7r beam. Lots leds. Ra-30w-dmx-magic ball. Mk-f07a. Product dimensions: Lens led androidWholesale laser behuizing. Draadloze lavalier revers. Function 2: Angle: 104754. 5-40 degree. Fan speed controler. Red+blue color. Zoom spot. Wholesale 2018 nieuwe collectie. 1.7kg. Red&green&yellow. 

Led Dj

Auto mode and sound active. Par 56 can long. 2000 hours moving head light. 7 gobo +open, gobo - flow effect, gobo shake. Jl7wtl-02. Mini dot rood. Control interface: Ir chip laser. Wholesale licht projectoren kerst. Red/yellow/white/blue/green. Rgb 20 patterns laser light. Jet height: Projector card. Glc-017. Ac 100v~240v 50hz~60hz. 

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