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(10 stks/partij) RS232 Parallelle Seriële Poort DB9 9 Pin D Sub Mannelijke/Vrouwelijke Soldeer Connector + Plastic Shell Cover

plug aansluiting, Wholesale rg316

Universal Compact Wire Bedrading Connectors

Ac 100~240v 50/60hz. Dc 5v, 1.5a. 40°c to 120°c. 3-32vdc. Mpptsun. Wholesale heatsink mosfet. 5 pin wrie. Adapter db15. Tnc-3-m1. Jack 6.5mm connector. Mannelijke connectorFpc12p05t254. 40 ways. Gpu 8 pin interface power cable to 6+2. 13 mm. 

Board Pcb

Usb3.0 female a - male a with 60cm wiring. Jack vrouwelijke naar. Arduino ssr. Usb-1. Vrouwelijke mannelijke sma. Overload protection. Interchange part number:Move type: G5v-1. Bnc-tnc adapter. 3/25---6. Adapter connector cctv. Jqx-38f 3z. Transformator 220 v 110 v. Lighting, electronic. 2p,4p,5p,10p,9 p,8p,3p,6p,7p. 

Elasun 40 Stks

100-250v/50~60hz. Sma-j2 pin single color led strip connector. Connection protection: Breakout connector. Usb3.0. 600x1200mm panel. Red black yellow green blue. Panel audio. Laagspanning connector. 5557-8r. 

12 220

Pin 22. 5 v adapter 2a. Brass, gold plating. Dc 5.5x2.5mm cable. 15 cm. Connectors elektrische kabel. J301m. Hardening steel. Irf9640 mosfet. 5pin connector. Micro usb connector 7pin. Digitale relais timer. Dc022b. L shape connector-4pin-10mm. Android usb drives. 4mm connector banaan. 30cm 12" or request. Weld mb24. Sp20 docking connector. 

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